Access Your Photo
The Republic of IrelandSo, you're looking to get Irish passport ID photos?

The world is becoming more and more digitised and with this, Irelands Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) has introduced their 'Passport Online' service which simplifies and speeds up passport applications for Irish citizens around the world.

With this, a new secure digital ID Photo Code (IDPC) system has been introduced which simplifies the process of transferring your digital ID photo for your passport application.

What are ID Photo Codes?

ID Photo Codes (IDPC) are unique to each customer and are generated when you have your ID photo taken by an IDPC compliant photographer. You can use your ID Photo Code to quickly and securely retrieve your digital ID photo, ready for using in your Irish passport online application.

Irish Digital ID Photo Code Diagram

The result is that the whole process of having your ID photo validated and sent securely to you for your Irish passport application is simplified - the printing and handling of physical photographs is no longer required.

How do I use the new ID Photo Codes?

Just 3 simple steps:

  1. Find an IDPC compliant photographer to take your photograph
  2. You then receive an email containing your unique ID Photo Code
  3. Use your photo code to securely access your ID photo ready for your Irish passport online application
It really is that easy!

Why should I use ID Photo Codes?

  • It's now the easiest and most secure way to access your ID Photo for your Irish passport online application.
  • Your ID photo will be biometrically checked for DFA compliance to ensure it passes their passport photo requirements whilst you're still with the photographer
  • Saves you time & money not having to have failed ID photos retaken.

Where can I get an ID Photo Code for my Irish passport photo?

ID Photo Code CompliantLook for ID photo specialists displaying this 'IDPC Compliant' logo as they can generate ID Photo Codes that check your ID photo for DFA compliance which includes a secure process for storing and transferring your digital ID photo.